Bringing Company Leaders and Wine Together on a Show Which Discusses Markets, Investment and Fabulous Wines.

Conversation and insight into CEOs and their companies you won’t forget

About Us

Presenter Patrick Wood, CEO of Tormont Group, hosts this regular pre-recorded 20 minute show which will be broadcast over multiple digital media channels.

Guest CEOs are introduced to an audience of investors and others in a friendly, fun and personal way through a lively discussion focussed on wine, current market/economic events, and the opportunity that they see for investors in their company.

The audience is wide ranging and includes investors (both current and potential), wine lovers and anyone else who enjoys the nature of the discussions presented on the show.

Current programming in the finance field remains consistently “dry” and impersonal and the disruptive format of Grapes With CEOs will allow much more wide-reaching exposure to a broad and current audience across many demographics.

The show is currently being reviewed by media TV outlets for possible inclusion into programming schedules.


Current episodes of Grapes With CEOs are being recorded on site in the wine room at 15 Prince Arthur Avenue in Toronto.

Recording sessions are done by a professional videography company and will be generally one hour in length (edited final version will be approximately 20 minutes in length). The recordings will be posted on the Grapes With CEOs website ( as well as the Grapes With CEOs YouTube channel. Dissemination through digital media verticals will include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others.

Grapes With CEOs is a Tormont Group partner company